[FERGUSON FORWARD] From Local Movement to Global Action. Lawyer and activist Justin Hansford reflects on going from 'Ferguson to Geneva' and sustaining the fight for human rights

I did not begin the holiday season in a very festive mood.  When Robert McCullough announced the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, it felt like a sharp blow to the stomach.  I never expected an indictment.  Still, I was deeply hurt and deeply angry.  As a young Black man, the low value placed on Mike Brown’s life by local authorities was also a judgment about the value of my own life in their eyes. I am a St. Louis resident, a professor, and a lawyer.  Most of all I am a human being.  This assault on my human dignity compelled my response.  Between legal observing, protesting, and worrying about the safety of my friends and neighbors, I did not sleep for three days straight.

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