OpEd: Obama’s Legacy Should Include a Pardon For Marcus Garvey by JUSTIN HANSFORD

In November of 2008, when President Obama won the White House, he also won the undying, uncritical, unflinching adoration of Black America. But Father Time is undefeated. Now, as his time in office ends, we must measure his legacy based on the tangible progress of our community under his stewardship. Here's where we are.

No honest assessment of the President's legacy can ignore the material devastation that happened in the Black community under his watch. The foreclosure crisis hit Black Americans harder than the country in general. The wealth gap widened—wealth increased in white communities and decreased in non-white communities. The median wealth for white families in 2013 was around $141,900, compared to $11,000 for Blacks. This continued value gap in financial terms easily translated to other areas, from education to health equity.

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