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Feel free to use my syllabi for the university classroom on the following topics: #BlackLivesMatter and the Law, Critical Race Theory, and Global Justice and Economic Justice.  

#BlackLIVESMATTER and the law

This course will explore the “Black Lives Matter” movement as a nascent social movement for racial justice. In addition to understanding BLM’s fundamental concepts and arguments, students will emerge from this class with a clear understanding of the historical context of the movement, role that the lawyers and the law have played in the movement thus far, and the place of the law in the struggle as it continues. In addition to the key cases and responses that have emerged since the Ferguson moment, students will engage in analysis of how law students and lawyers can play a meaningful role through policy, litigation, and rebellious lawyering for social change. 

Critical race theory

Critical race theory is the most exciting development in contemporary legal studies. This movement in thought and life compels us to confront the explosive issue of the relationship among race, domination along lines of difference in general, and the U.S. legal system.

Global justice and economic justice

In the wake of the financial crisis, wealth inequalities have become an issue of contentious political debate.  On a global level, the inequality is even more striking. There are equally unsettling inequalities in longevity, health, and education.  This course will combine readings on the law with readings on the philosophy of global justice, focusing on specific issues related to global justice both locally and in the developing world.   A particular focus will be on the role that legal institutions, both domestic and international, play in attempting to promote equality.